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Seeds of Tao: Impact entrepreneurs seeding regenerative paths beyond sustainability

Oct 27, 2020

Welcome to this week’s blog post! This week we’re talking with Ray Milidoni from Australia, a super knowledgeable permie-preneur, always out to help people push their dreams forward and connect with others. Today in the podcast he’s sharing the very special epiphany he had, to “know thyself,” and encourages everyone to master this principle instead of trying to conform to what everyone else thinks you should be or do. Ray is a Pando student and frequent attendee of out MOKR Masterminds, so if you’d like to get to know Ray more, come to one of our Masterminds, or check out the following:


  1. Stay Sharp
  2. Kolbe Test
  3. Farming Secrets

Cookie Cutter Education

We start this episode with Ray sharing a really funny story about how, as a child, he would disassemble his toys to find out how they worked, and how our education system is hard for those who think outside the box. Ray mentions how schools don’t prepare so many needful skills for life, so where do we turn when we get out of school? Often self-help books or programs. We seek extra education to fill in the gaps that are left after we graduate. 

I struggled with this a lot as well. I actually did really well in the education system, I knew how to work the system, memorize just what I needed to get A’s and only learn enough for the tests, and then forget most of it. I did walk away with some valuable skills like public speaking and a wider world view, but when I graduated, I was a hot mess. Just like Ray, I eventually found personal development and realized I had a HUGE gap in my knowledge of how to handle my mindset, and I had serious emotional baggage I was carrying around. My inability to express myself in fear of disappointing people made communication and connection really hard for me. My first dive into personal development was with Kirk Duncan and 3 Key Elements. They totally changed my world, but I also found a lot of value in the permaculture movement and the lessons from nature we can apply to our minds and emotions. Josh and I have gone through a lot of personal development books and pieces of training, as Ray has, and we’ve definitely had to come to our own realization of what works, and what doesn’t for us in particular. 

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