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Seeds of Tao: Impact entrepreneurs seeding regenerative paths beyond sustainability

Sep 5, 2023

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Join us in Episode 136 of the Seeds of Tao Podcast as we chat with Matthew Sherman. From coaching to performance psychology, and even a transformative health crisis, Matthew's story is a captivating journey into regenpreneurship. Learn how he defines regenerative business, shifting away from old mechanistic thinking, and discover his insights on changing the programming of your business for a brighter, more regenerative future. Tune in and let Matthew's transition away from business as usual, towards business built on regenerative principles inspire you as you cultivate your regenerative business! 🔥🌱


You can find the full show notes on our website.


Guest Bio: Matthew Sherman

Matthew Sherman is widely known as a community creator, and culinary innovator. His mission over the past decade has been to transform the category of healthy foods from a boring, arduous and exclusive landscape to a fun, and inspiring experience, focused on building the community of health. Sherman’s multifaceted abilities to brand, lead and cultivate experiences quickly set him apart from other entrepreneurs and chefs.

In his late 20’s Sherman started to truly understand how dynamic, human performance really is. “The approach to health has to be all encompassing. You cannot drive a car with one tire and you cannot create optimal performance without examining a persons food choices, physical movement, past experiences, DNA, cognitive tools, emotional flexibility and strength, relationships and spirituality.” Says Matthew.

In 2010 Sherman embarked on a journey to nourish his community and raise the vibration of clients, customers and employees. The vision was to provide the most nutrient dense food and juices that he possibly could. He opened jugofresh, an organic cold-pressed juice, smoothie and vegan food restaurant, which quickly gained a cult like following. Both jugofresh and Matthew received national and international attention with appearances on the Today Show, articles in Conde Naste, Travel & Leisure and USA today, as well as features in The Miami Herald, Ocean Drive, and Miami Magazine.

Sherman recently launched Oneness Projects, LLC in June of 2018, which is forging new and progressive ideas, building a real estate and revitalization project. Matthew is committed to spreading his core values of more unity, more peace, more love, and ultimately more thriving free people.