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Seeds of Tao: Impact entrepreneurs seeding regenerative paths beyond sustainability

Apr 12, 2023

Welcome to another Seeds of Tao Podcast episode! In Episode 112: The Regenerative Business Economy Map, we're having a more interactive conversation around crowdsourcing the mapping of the current ecosystem of regenerative enterprise building. Our goal is to share this information with everyone and explore the possible uses of such a map.

We'll be using some tools to do this mapping experiment, including The Brain (a tool we’ll talk about in the episode), this blog post that goes alongside the recorded podcast episode, and an intake form to crowdsource data from impact entrepreneurs. In the blog post you'll see an embedded version of the digital mind map we're calling the Regenerative Business Economies Network map or for short the regenBEN map. It's a visualization tool we'll be using to map the relationships between regenerative enterprises.

You can check out the blog post and more info on regenBEN here.

Here's a link to the intake form to start getting your work mapped into regenBEN.