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Seeds of Tao: Impact entrepreneurs seeding regenerative paths beyond sustainability

Nov 22, 2022

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Thanks for joining us for today’s episode! Today we had Joshua Prieto host and guide us in a conversation about Storytelling and the narratives we put out into the world to help us grow and scale our regenerative businesses and the regenerative economy we are building together.

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Host Bio: Joshua Paul Prieto

Joshua Prieto is the co-founder and CEO of Seeds of Tao an education and incubation company for regenerative entrepreneurs. You’ll get to know Josh quite well if you ask him what his purpose in life is. He will respond with something so deep you’ll have a hard time replying though he would want nothing more but to have a deep conversation on your own purpose in life. If you ask him the purpose of his enterprise, he’ll tell you it is to create paths to a more inclusive, fair, and balanced economy. He feels a special kind of entrepreneur is the key to that path. In the past he has felt discouraged, disappointed, and confused by the extractive and degenerative practices of the businesses he has helped during his career as an entrepreneur and marketing strategist. When he found the regenerative and permaculture movement he realized that if entrepreneurs used regenerative principles and practices in their business our economy and culture would change from an extractive, degenerative one to a consciously regenerative one. Today he focuses on building up and increasing the numbers of regenerative entrepreneurs through open education services and incubator programs. He would absolutely love it if you joined him in his efforts.

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